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The Life style reset

Must Call the office to book these Packages & mention  "ONLINE SECRET MENU"

Manual Therapy & Functional Training

90 Minutes

Posture Analysis, 60 minutes of hands-on therapy following with programing. Programming is customized for each individual where there will be a combination of stretching and strength training on troubled areas to bring balance into the body.



Manual Therapy &

Fascia Stretch Therapy

90 minutes

1-45 min Fascial Stretch Therapy

1-45 min Medical Massage


FST is a manually assisted stretch that helps release tension and negative muscle memory.

Medical Massage includes manual therapy, cupping, or scraping, depending on your needs.

    For chronic pain sufferers, we offer sessions that combine several modalities, specialized tools, and programming. With the lifestyle reset, our team of specialists can assist you in finding your balance, reset bad habits, and release pain and inflammation. These sessions can be done on the same day or scheduled throughout the week and month.




Fascia Stretch, Medical therapy & Functional performance

2.20 hr

1- 45 min FST

1- 45 min Medical Massage

1- 45 min Functional Performance


Perfect for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, the Functional Performance Training is the key to restoring function and maintaining an active lifestyle.  Through activity and sport-specific training, this helps to train balance, agility, and power for your whole body.  Functional training involves the same movements you use in your daily life, emphasizing movement patterns which are important for daily tasks and sport or recreational activities. 



Mind, Body & Beauty

Must Call the office to book these Packages & mention "ONLINE SECRET MENU"

Body Beauty Reset

Time May Vary

*Book a Free consultation

- 60 min Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
- 1-4 hours PST

      (Receive 35% off with PST)

(Consultation must be done prior to booking)
- 60 min Body Sculpting

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to reduce the appearance of aging, fat, cellulite, lift saggy skin, or do away with those unwanted
love handles, our body beauty reset is the answer you have been seeking.

With minimal to no downtime and varying treatment sessions with our specialists, we can provide you with your desired results.
During your free consultation, our licensed technician will have a one-on-one to assess your needs and desired goals. They will advise you what treatment will be right for you.



Price may Vary


Infrared session
& Cupping

60 Minutes


  -60 minutes Cupping with infrared light Therapy 

Soothe your tired muscles, aches and pains. Increase blood circulation and recover faster. Relieve arthritic, muscle and joint pain naturally.



*Due to customized treatment sessions, prices will vary. Please see front desk for
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