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Meet the Team

Functional Performance


Maribel Diaz  
Owner & Founder 

Medical Massage Practitioner

 Myoskelatal Therapist

Myofascial Therapist

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Manual Therapy

Posture Reset

Functional movement & Balance

Sports & Rehab

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Plasma Skin Tightening 

Body Sculpting/ Lymphatic draining

Sound & vibrational Therapy


Maribel believes that everyone has the ability to achieve a pain free lifestyle. Her unique approach to body scanning, provides insight into customizing the perfect program for each individual. Maribel’s knowledge in Myoskelatal alignment and Myofascial release, allows her to reset the bodies posture and release nerve entrapment. Many clients find relief after the very first session. Maribel is up to date with the most modern equipment in the industry, and utilizes them to further client’s health care goals.

With comprehensive communication, program training, and manual therapy, she helps those who suffer from chronic pain and mobility obstructions, work towards a life without discomfort. 


Frank Carpenter

Functional Movement trainer

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Functional Fitness Training

Myofascial Stretch Therapist
Health & Wellness

Frank is our experienced functional trainer. He has been active in the sports performance field for over eight years and uses his background as a competitive powerlifter to help individuals increase endurance and enrich athletic performance. By utilizing targeted exercises, Frank’s objective is to help strengthen core muscle groups, assisting clients with injury prevention and improving flexibility. Functional performance is not just about muscle conditioning. Performance training also teaches client awareness on how the muscles work and how to support them through balance and body mechanics.

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Hannah Haus


Myofascial Therapist

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Myofasical Release  

Manual Therapy


 Wellness for cancer

Body Sculpting/ Lymphatic draining

Sound & vibrational Therapy

Hannah has been a Massage Therapist since 2007. She is passionate about the bodies ability to heal its self, and believes manual therapy brings balance to the body and mind. By applying her knowledge as a medical manual therapist, she is able to assist in correcting an individual’s postural deviations and will impart at home programs to maintain body symmetry. Hannah believes that each person has separate needs, and will adjust and customize each session. Hannah is able to release tightness, relieve pain, and correct posture.

Reiki master

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Energy Healer| Usui Holy Fire III |Reiki Master
♡︎ Reiki Candles

Sally is a Reiki Master & Usui Holy Fire III. Sally provides Reiki services to anyone but specializes in Reiki healing for mothers and caregivers. Sally has been a Certified Reiki Healer for 3 years and actively accepts clients in person or virtually. She specializes in Reiki for mothers and caregivers because along with parenthood comes new emotional challenges, physical burnouts, and mental strains. The joy that comes with parenthood is truly amazing! But it's no secret that self care becomes challenging. 

 health & wellness

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