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Wellness                          Membership

        1-60 Minute Wellness Treatment w/ Access to 2 Classes     

-Functional Performance Training
-Movement & Flow
-Sound Bath & Meditation

 Wellness Treatments                          

   -Therapeutic Massage                

   -Vibrational Sound Therapy 

   -Lymphatic Massage

   -Hot stone Massage


Doing Pushups

Functional                      Performance                    Membership

1-75 Minute Treatment

 Treatment includes one of the items below:

   -Medical Massage

   -Fascia Stretch Therapy

   -2 Functional Performance Sessions

Each Program Includes

Members only discounts on additional services

Access to Members only packages

Access to our Myokinetix Members App.

15% OFF on selected Products

10% OFF on selected classes

Your choice on your monthly treatment (Wellness membership only)

No Membership fees

Yes that is correct! 

No fist time membership fee

No down payment fee

No yearly Fee

No membership contract

We understand that we have many snowbirds in the area!

So we have made our membership flexible.

Pay as you go!

No contracts!

60 day cancellation policy

If you would like to cancel your membership, you can do so through the members app or contact us. 60 days before the next billing cycle.

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